Lots of art
Hiii just wanted to pop in and say your art on this blog is incredible! Do you do requests by any chance? Because I especially love your darksteelshipping works and I was just wondering .. If you've ever thought to draw them just like hugging? It's only a suggestion though! Feel free to decline!! I really only wanted to just mention how great your art is

Thank you!! To answer your question, I do allow people to send in drawing ideas/requests, but there really isn’t any guarantee that I’ll draw them ^^” Although, I really can’t say no to the dorks hugging sooo:

And thank you again!!


a phaesporia doodle for togapibyakuya's birthday
a phaesporia doodle for togapibyakuya's birthday
celebrating the first day of fall~
((I recommend opening it up in a new tab cause tumblr ruins the quality))